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Are Homeowners Insurance able to cover moving?

Jun 30


As you are likely to know, your homeowner's insurance covers not only the home you reside in, but also your personal belongings too. The contents insurance of your policy, or personal property insurance, protects personal belongings. You don't need to keep your belongings in your house to be covered under homeowner's insurance. This is the way you can ensure your belongings are covered during moving.

Another important detail is the fact that your homeowner's insurance is connected to you, not the house you live in. This means that when you relocate to a new residence, Select Adjusters always suggest that you modify your existing policy instead of purchasing another one. This is particularly advantageous because there's no chance of a gap between your coverage and that of your neighbors as you move your belongings from one place to another.

Moving Coverage under Homeowners Policy

Your possessions won't be covered during the time you move. Similar to when there is a loss or damage within your home, it is only covered if it is an insured peril. This means that the damage or loss was caused by an event specifically named in your policy. Find a roof claim adjuster near me option today.


Most standard homeowner's insurance policies have the following insured perils:


  • Hailstorms or windstorms

  • Damage caused by aircraft or vehicles

  • Fallsing objects

  • The weight of ice, snow or sleet

  • The accidental or unintentional discharge of water or steam within an HVAC system, plumbing air conditioning, an automatic fire-protection sprinkler system or from a home device

  • Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or the expansion of a steam or hot water heating system , or an air conditioning system or fire-proofing system

  • The freezing of heating, plumbing cooling, air conditioning fire-protection sprinkler system, or household appliance

  • Damage that is sudden and accidental caused by artificially generated electricity

  • Be sure to check in with your insurance provider for details on the specifically covered perils within your individual policy.

  • The covered risks could be applied to your belongings during a moving. In the event that, for instance, the moving truck causes an accident, you'll be covered as "damage caused by aircraft or other vehicles" is covered under your policy for home owners. However, if the china was not wrapped properly and broke during the bumpy ride, it's not covered.


Limitations on Homeowners Insurance

Any limitations or restrictions that you find in your homeowner's policy apply while you are moving. The threshold (the amount that you pay out of pocket prior to insurance taking effect) is the same and so do the limitations on certain items. Choose adjuster AZ to help you in this area.

Moving Company Insurance

Your homeowner's insurance will be in force regardless of whether you opt to move your possessions yourself or through the help of a moving company.


Certain moving companies also provide coverage for your belongings while under their care. It's an excellent idea to inquire about these questions before you hire a moving company.


  • Are I covered in the event that my belongings are damaged or stolen being held by the mover?

  • Is there any additional insurance that is available to me in connection with my purchase?

  • What is the deductible for all of my belongings are stolen or destroyed?

  • What kinds of damages are you able to cover? And what are the types you do not?

How to Prepare Insurance for a Relocation

There's plenty to think about when you are moving. Inquiring with your insurance provider for at least 2 months in advance of your move is a good idea. You should discuss the details of your policy or address changes as well as any other changes that could be made with your insurance company. River city adjusters Yuma are available to assist you.

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